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TOURNA-MIX is a monthly mix competition website that hosts TWO mix contests every month.  Members get to mix both songs from scratch, with the opportunity to win some great prizes!

Winners are determined by you, the members, which makes TOURNA-MIX an exciting and interactive place to be.

This Month's Contests

We host two mix contests every month!  Happy mixing and good luck!

Mix Contest 1:

"Obsessed " by Emma Hills, mixed by Michael Leto


Submission Period:

  • Opens: February 1, 2024
  • Closes: February 23, 2024

Mix Contest 2:

"Free your mind" by Passmore & Johnston, mixed by Eric Passmore


Submission Period:

  • Opens: February 1, 2024
  • Closes: February 23, 2024

What You'll Get

New high quality multitracks (2 songs!) every month to practice your mixing chops!

Access to multi tracks from ALL past contests (once free-trial period is over) - over 40 songs!

Opportunity to expand your mixing portfolio!

Access to our private members only Facebook group!

Chance to win killer prizes!


TOURNA-MIX is free to join for your first 30 days!  Try us out risk free!  After that, it costs $15/month (USD) to be a member.  If you live in Canada, any applicable taxes (determined by which province you reside in) will be charged on top of the 15 USD.

Prizes will change every month. They could be software plugins, hardware (mics, preamps, etc), or even straight-up CASH!

We are open to providing music in ANY style; in fact, we firmly believe that mixing many styles of music is essential to becoming a skilled mixer. Our main focus will always be quality (of production) and we will feature music from a wide selection of genres as much as possible.

ANYONE is encouraged to join TOURNA-MIX regardless of skill level; however, the website is intended for amateur and semi-pro level mixers. If you're a seasoned professional mixing hit records, this website is probably not for you.

Absolutely….any DAW works. Files will be provided as WAVs.


Tourna-mix is great! Cool songs to mix with cool prizes to win, including cash! Engineers vote fairly, so you have the most chances to win by merit!

Eric, the man behind the website, is friendly and approachable. During and after each contest, Eric posts tips and takes us inside his mixes, there's something for everyone either confirming what you did right in your mix or picking up what you missed or new tricks. What I also like is that Tourna-mix is simple and cozy, no needless noise and flashy hype. You'll get a better sense of it once you join, highly recommended! 🙂

- 3ee

Tourna Mix has been an awesome place to test out my mixing chops. I am able to see how my mixes stand up to others in a fair and objective way--and that makes me a better mixer. On top of all that, Tourna Mix is just tons of fun!!!!

- ccJamz

Tourna mix gives me the opportunity to improve my skills working every month on great sessions and also compare myself with other mixers and learn from them!

- Akira Callea

I am really enjoying TOURNA-MIX.  The songs and tracks are great and fun to mix.  Having the chance to see how my mixes stack up against the others is a great learning experience for me.  I love mixing, and TOURNA-MIX not only gives me great songs to practice my skills on, but makes it even more fun knowing I have a chance to win some great prizes too.  Thank you TOURNA-MIX.

-  Zmixer

Meet The Founder

Eric Passmore

Hi, my name is Eric Passmore, founder of TOURNA-MIX. I'm a passionate singer-songwriter, music producer, and mixing/recording engineer based out of Ottawa, Canada. My mission is to provide a phenomenal platform for amateur mixers to grow their skills….and win some cool stuff!!!

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