How it Works

We host TWO mix contests every month!  Raw multi tracks for BOTH contests are posted on the 1st of each month, and you’ll have until the 24th at 10pm (EST) to submit both your mixes. Late submissions will not be accepted! After the submission date, there will be two rounds of voting for each contest (explained below), and winners from each will ultimately emerge!

Voting Explained

Voting Round 1:

The total number of participants for each contest is first randomized, and then divided into a bunch of subgroups of equal or approximate size. Groups will typically be between 15-30 contestants per group. Each member of each group is then assigned the task of listening to all the mixes from another group (other than the group they are in themselves). Upon evaluating each mix from the given group, each participant then selects their top three favourite mixes, where:

  • a 1st place mix = 3 points….
  • a second place mix = 2 points….
  • and a third place mix = 1 point.


NOTE: ROUND 1 VOTING IS MANDATORY - You must vote to stay in the competition!  Failure to vote during Round 1 will result in disqualification from that particular contest.

The points are then tallied up, and the TOP TWO mixes from each group move forward to Round 2 of voting. If the top two contestants from within one group end up with the same amount of total points, a winner is determined by the total number of first place votes received (where more first place votes wins). If there are equal amounts of first place votes, then it moves to the total number of second place votes. If there are equal number of second place votes (which implies equal amounts of third place votes), then we have a true points tie, in which case BOTH members would advance to the second round!

Voting Round 2:

At this point, the TOP TWO mixes from each Round 1 group will advance to Round 2 of voting.

In Round 2, the remaining mixes are judged by all the members who were eliminated in Round 1. Those that advanced to Round 2 are no longer able, or allowed, to vote. In order to motivate those that have been eliminated to actually vote, there will be a random draw held to win 50 USD. That’s right, by simply participating in the voting phase of Round 2, you will be entered into a draw to win 50 bucks!  It's also VERY educational to evaluate all the top mixes, so you should definitely participate!

The voting system in Round 2 is identical to Round 1. All eligible voters will simply choose their top three mixes, and the mix with the most points WINS!  Any points ties will be handled the same way as in Round 1 (# of 1st place votes, 2nd place votes, etc)

In the event of a true points tie in Round 2, the winning mix will be chosen by me, Eric Passmore ….don’t leave it in the hands of the judge!!

Winners and Prizes

The winner of Round 2 receives first prize!  We also offer a 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th place prize for both contests. Prizes will be announced at the start of every month, but the typical prize structure is as follows:

1st place: 250 USD;  2nd place: 150 USD;  3rd place: 50 USD;  4th and 5th place: free month of Tourna-mix.

We also offer TWO fun additional prizes: the "Producer's Pick", and "House Pick" prizes.

The "Producer's Pick" is determined by the producer or artist who submitted the song.  During Round 2 of voting, whoever they pick as their top three mixes will be recognized for having the best mix in the eyes of the song creator!  The prize is bragging rights.  (this prize is not always possible - it depends on the artist/producer's availibility).

The "House Pick" prize refers to my (Eric Passmore) top three picks from Round 2 of voting. If you win this prize it means TOURNA-MIX thinks you're a badass!  The prize is bragging rights.

PLEASE NOTE:  If you finish 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th in any of our contests, your mix will be made downloadable after the contests are done.  This is to help other members learn from your greatness - take it as a compliment 🙂


  1. Mix both songs, and submit your mixes by the deadline date (24th of the month by 10pm EDT)....NO LATE SUBMISSIONS!  You may only submit ONCE, so double check what you're uploading!  You don't have to mix BOTH songs within a month.  If you only have time for one song that's fine.
  2. Feel free to mute tracks according to your tastes.
  3. You may edit the timing or pitch of any track, but YOU MAY NOT ADD ANY ADDITIONAL PARTS….THIS IS NOT A RE-MIX COMPETITION.
  4. Replacing kick, snare, or toms is permitted - this has become a standard part of the mixing process; however, you cannot use one sound to trigger a different sound (for example using a snare to trigger a tambourine). No adding to or changing the arrangement is permitted.
  5. Once all mixes are submitted for both monthly contests, Round 1 of voting begins and you’ll be asked to vote on certain mixes….YOU MUST VOTE. Failure to vote during Round 1 will result in disqualification from the associated contest.
  6. Mixes must be submitted as 320kbps MP3' other format will be accepted.
  7. We have no rules or requirements when it comes to mastering your mix submission.  If you choose to master your mix that's fine.  You may submit your mix at any loudness level you like, although we do recommend bringing your mix up to (or at least close to) commercial volume standards.  Somewhere between -8 LUFS and -10 LUFS is a great goal, but again is not required.  Suit yourself, just make sure it sounds good!